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12 Hours of Cheese – Massive Live Event

Please join me for 12 hours of live stream interaction which is all about cheese. Featuring live Q&A, Live interviews and live taste tests, plus some instructional videos. I will be present on chat during the entire session. The schedule is as follows;

0:00 Live Introduction – Session details
30:00 Beginners cheese session 1 – Equipment, Paneer, Halloumi
1:00:00 Live Interview with Chez Fred Fromager Urbain
2:00:00 Beginners cheese session 2 – Belper Knolle, Fetta, Caerphilly, Cheesecloth
3:00:00 Live Ask the Cheeseman Q&A 1
4:00:00 Beginners cheese session 3 – Belle Paese, Course Promo, Baskets, Best Milk, Queso Fresco
5:00:00 Live What’s in Gavin’s Cheese Fridge Taste Tests
5:30:00 Intermediate cheese session 1 – Brine, Jalapeno Cheddar
6:00:00 Live Interview with Lisa Cheese52
7:00:00 Intermediate cheese session 2 – Jarlsberg, Gouda
8:00:00 Live Ask the Cheeseman Q&A 2
9:00:00 Mould Ripened cheese session 1 – Petit Blue, Fake Camembert, Heating Milk
10:00:00 Live Interview with Debra Allard – Cheeses Loves You
11:00:00 Washed Rind cheese session 1- Tilsit, Limburger
11:30:00 Live Wrap-Up

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