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Cannabis investment :The complete cannabis stock guide #marijuana stocks #cannabis stock #ark invest

The cannabis industry has been recently identified as a billion-dollar industry as it is being used in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and agriculture. Several public companies are buying medical marijuana-based businesses to step foot in this industry. Many countries are legalizing the development and use of marijuana, which is creating a lot of interest in people in business to invest in this marijuana industry. In 2018, public and private cannabis businesses raised $13.8 million, while in 2017, it was $3.5 Billion. Canopy Growth, Tilray, and Cronos Group have sold the shares as much as Bitcoin. It is a new and growing industry, that’s why investors don’t have enough knowledge of this market. In this guide, you will find some important information if you are willing to step foot in the cannabis market.

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00:00 – 00:34 introduction
00:35 – 01:19 What is Cannabis
01:20 – 02:12 What are THC and CBD?
02:13 – 02:37 Cannabis potential
02:38 – 04:12 CBD Products
04:13 – 05:15 Cannabis sector breakdown
05:16 – 05:50 Cannabis industry drivers
05:51 – 06:24 Marijuana stocks
06:25 – 06:56 Recreation cannabis stock
06:57 – 08:26 Cannabis investment solutions(stocks, pre-ipo and funds)
08:27 – 10:17 Recap

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