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I’m a gamer, always have been.

Dan Benjamin Live!


Cannabis banking act passes U.S. House with bipartisan support | TechCrunch

Pentagon UFO video: Defense Department confirms leaked video taken by Navy personnel is real – CNN Politics

U.S. issues warning to keep kids and pets away from Peloton treadmills

Texas bill to carry gun without permit advances to state senate | Texas | The Guardian

Research Reveals 2.5 Billion T. Rexes Once Inhabited Earth | HYPEBEAST

‘Ancient Aliens’ Dr. Kaku Says New UFOs a Sign of Highly Advanced Aliens, Possibly

How Hideki Matsuyama became Japan’s new national hero – CNN

WATCH: N.C. man throws rabid bobcat after it attacks wife in wild video

‘Godzilla’ shark discovered in New Mexico gets formal name

A New ‘Denim Cycle’? After a Decade, Jeans Move From Skinny to Loose – The New York Times

Colorful coffins lighten mood at New Zealand funerals

What to Expect From Apple’s April 20 Event: New iPads, AirTags and More – MacRumors

COVID-19 vaccine eligibility expanded to all adults under Biden’s directive | Fox News

Otters test positive for COVID-19, Georgia Aquarium says | Fox News

Disinfecting surfaces to prevent Covid often all for show, CDC advises – CNN

Willie Nelson calls on Biden to recognize 4/20 as a national marijuana holiday | Fox News

NASA just made history by flying an autonomous helicopter on Mars

Facebook is making it easier to export text posts – The Verge

Texas shooting: search for fugitive after three people killed in Austin | Texas | The Guardian

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter achieves historic powered flight on Mars – The Verge

Clubhouse closes an undisclosed $4Bn valuation Series C round, as tech giants’ clones circle | TechCrunch

Facebook’s social audio plans include podcast discovery and a Clubhouse clone – Vox

Reddit Talk is a Clubhouse competitor for subreddits – The Verge

Report: Premium podcasts subscription service to be announced at the Apple event – 9to5Mac

Two men killed in Tesla car crash ‘without driver’ in seat – BBC News


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    With some futuristic sounds and barely robotic voices mixed in,
    the song is sort of a gateway to a dream utopia.

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      Happy you like it. Cheers!

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    Do not tell me sites where you can see the calendar of events for 2022, found only for 2021 year.

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