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ep29 Latest Research on Cannabis Edibles

In part two of our interview with Michael Graydon, we talk about the code of conduct. The CEO of Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada offers his unique perspective on the Canadian agricultural industries.

Further, my co-host Dr. Sylvain Charlebois and I cover the latest news and hottest topics across the Canadian food landscape.

How gratuitous is our gratuity? We take time to unwrap the latest data from the Angus Reid Group on tipping and shed light on the impact of Canada’s tipping culture across industries, and specifically, in restaurants.

As the crisis continues at the Exceldor poultry plant, the Ministry of Work in Quebec steps in. We talk about damaged control and revisit the labour dispute that is at the centre of this issue. Sylvain sheds light on the major stakeholders in Quebec’s poultry industry.

Finally – I ask Sylvain what he’d request for his last meal. Our menus might just surprise you!

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