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Healing Project OC Podcast – Episode 2 – CBD, THC and Bioavailability with Biochemist Craig Workman

Welcome to the Healing Project OC Podcast!

We’re Jesse and Isabel Ramirez. In Episode 2 we discuss CBD, the relationship between CBD and THC, and the importance of bioavailability in medicinal cannabis products.

We also speak with special guest Craig Workman, biochemist at Workman Scientific and part owner of Hemptium, producer of the revolutionary nano emulsion CBD powder with 96% bioavailability and zero THC.

We’re here to help you get all the information you need about medicinal cannabis to treat a variety of human illnesses and ailments, as well as using medical cannabis to treat your dogs or other pets fighting cancer and other autoimmune issues.

Check out our website to book a free personal consultation with us, or join thousands of others helping each other through the shared experiences in our Facebook groups.

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