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How to get High and eat five star meals FREE

First you have to have an amazing cannabis strain and the Sativa Chocolatina from SF Roots is superb. This strain is full of terpenes and includes one of my favorites, Caryophyllene. Here is how I get five star meals for free… My best friend is a classically trained chef. It’s in your best interest to find a friend like @ChefMTodd, he lets his passion and creativity show on every dish he creates. As you watch the episode’s it is almost like having private chef cooking classes because you can see from start to finish how Chef Todd creates his dishes.
Jerk Salmon and Rice and peas risotto- that is what was on today’s menu. Black and white foodies absolutely love Chef Todd’s meals. (everyone else does too)

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0:00 Intro
3:41 Lets go to the restaurant
6:69 Endo- INDO
10:05 Brazil Biscuits
13:56 Nugs
17:00 Giveaway
25:12 the dish
28:12 Desert

Jesse and Chef Todd teamed up in May 2021 to share some cannabis education and deliver a fine dining experience out of this world.
Hey yall this is Jesse and I started experimenting with cannabis in Dec of 2020. I have decided that if I was going to try cannabis I would learn and share. When you get high you get hungry so Chef Todd takes what I learned about the strain and curates a scrumptious dish to pair with this weeks strain. It’s cannabis and fine dining on A WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL!!

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