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Introduction: 0:00
How to Identify Foxtail: 0:35
How to Inspect for Foxtail: 1:57
How to Treat for Foxtail: 3:01
How to Prevent Foxtail: 5:10


Foxtail grasses are actually one of the easier weeds to spot out, simply because of their characteristic appearance. Once matured, these grasses bear panicles, or seed heads, that resemble the shape of a fox’s tail, hence the name: foxtail. In lawn care, there are three commonly dealt-with varieties: yellow foxtail, green foxtail, and giant foxtail, each with varying characteristics.

Foxtails are summer annual weeds. They’ll germinate in spring when the soil temperature warms to over 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Foxtails prefer to grow in disturbed, compact soils that are rich in nitrogen; ‘disturbed’ meaning the soil has been ‘disturbed’ by human activity. These can be in ditches, farmland, commercial building sites, roadsides, and cracks in paved areas where bare soil is exposed. While foxtails thrive in that soil, they’re actually able to grow in a wide variety of environments as well. They can even show up or spread to lawns.

After identifying your weed and inspecting for activity on your property, it’s time to start treatment. Before starting any treatment, be sure to wear your personal protective equipment, or PPE, and remember to keep all people and pets off the treated areas until dry.

To get rid of foxtails growing in turf, you can use a post-emergent herbicide like MSM Turf. MSM Turf is a dry flowable herbicide that contains the active ingredient Metsulfuron Methyl. If you’re dealing with foxtails growing from cracks and crevices in the pavement, then you can use a product like Eraser. Eraser is a non-selective weed killer that’s made with the active ingredient glyphosate. Glyphosate is a very powerful ingredient, however, it is non-selective, meaning the product will affect and kill any plant it is applied to.

If you’re concerned about stopping the growth of foxtail on your lawn, then consider laying down a pre-emergent herbicide with prodiamine. We recommend you use a product like Barricade. When applied properly, Barricade will form a chemical barrier that will stop weed seeds from sprouting. Barricade comes in a granular form, so you’ll need a broadcast push spreader to apply it. Beyond herbicide applications, the best way to stop weeds from growing in your lawn is by maintaining proper lawn health. By strengthening your turfgrass and keeping up with maintenance, you’ll choke out weeds and give them little opportunity to grow.

Click the link to learn how to get rid of foxtail in your lawn and shop the professional-grade products featured in this video!

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