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Is Weed Physically Addictive?


Is weed physically addictive? Can you get physically addicted to weed? Can you develop a physical dependence to THC? Can you become physically dependent on marijuana?

In this brief video Dr. Frank discusses the possibility of getting physically addicted to weed, and how physical addiction to weed may develop. Docfrankhere aka Dr. Frank also discusses some basic ways to manage physical weed addiction and THC withdrawals.

THC addiction and marijuana substance use disorder is on the rise. Although not many users of THC will develop a physical addiction some will, and AddictionMindset Recovery Coaching wants to help!

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Healing your endocannabinoid system:

If someone tells you can’t get physically addicted to weed, I assure you they are wrong. If you need help or are struggling with a marijuana substance use disorder check out the AddictionMindset recovery coaching website below:


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