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F.R.Y.D Strain Review Ep. 7| QUEST by SOURCE CANNABIS
Filmed and edited by @juicetontx

In this brand new episode of the FRYD Strain Reviews, we get bigger and badder as we feature the strain Toad from Tyson Ranch. Toad is another heavyweight cannabis to come from Tyson Ranch, the strain company owned by “The Baddest Man on The Planet”, “Iron” Mike Tyson. For this episode, we get you caught up on Tyson’s journey to producing strains and his big plans. More importantly, we break down Toad and rate the strain with our exclusive FRYD rating system. Drop a comment and let us know if you think if Toad really packs a punch! #FRYD

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– “Fast Lane” by Johnny Quest The Rebel (feat. Ruff Dyamonds)

– “1992” by Johnny Quest The Rebel

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