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Webinar on Supplements in Psychopharmacology by Dr. Paul Putman | Psych Online

Dr. Putman is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, a Laughlin Fellow and member of the American College of Psychiatrists, and past President of the Central (now American) Neuropsychiatric Association. A practicing psychiatrist for over thirty years, he has performed Phase I-IV studies in psychopharmacology, published in peer-reviewed journals, served as a supervisor for the Austin Graduate Medical Education/UT Medical Branch Residency Program in Psychiatry.

He lectures and consults regularly on psychiatric diagnoses and practice, with a particular focus on mood and anxiety disorders. In addition to his scientific publications, Dr. Putman has authored Rational Psychopharmacology: A Book of Clinical Skills, a text on practicing clinical psychopharmacology for practitioners and students.

Despite our significant progress in clinical psychopharmacology over the past century, some patients ideologically still prefer non-prescription treatments. Even those who are open to prescription medication may still be influenced to consider alternatives by others.
A strong knowledge of dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, herbal and other complementary treatments is therefore important in effective treatment planning.

Paul Putman in his webinar talked about some of the most popular supplements you may encounter with your patients. Clinician knowledge about these alternative treatments enhances therapeutic alliances and outcomes, while guarding patient safety.

In case if someone takes supplements without any consultation, it might happen that it will cause side effects if the patient is allergic to some of the ingredients in the supplement or has lower tolerance. Henceforth, it is recommended to take prescribed supplements for enhanced safety. Natural supplements are preferred over other supplements as they are safe, healthy and effective.

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